Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Top Eleven Pound For Pound Active Fighters

Some men stand alone

Here we are - with another top eleven list. Why eleven? Because ten is boring, that's why. Disagree with the selection? No problem. No one said this was holy writ. Feel free to express your opinions in the comment's section. With that in mind - he's my list of the eleven top active fighters in boxing:

  1. Manny Pacquiao: Go on and roll your eyes. The guy was the greatest out there not named Mayweather all the way up until a year ago and now Mayweather's retired. Speed, Angles. Power. The man has it all. And if he's lost a step? Well then he'll probably be knocked off his perch here after the Bradley fight. 
  2. Andre Ward: The guy looked good the other night. Real good. Some feel he lost some movement. I feel he may have just been putting more power into his shots. I used to favor Kovalev in a potential matchup. Now that we've seen Ward at light heavy, my opinion's changed.
  3. Sergey Kovalev: Still a bad, bad man. Power and skill? The dude's got him both. Who knows? He may end up besting Ward, after all. And if that's the case, that may make Sergey the best light heavy EVER - yeah, I said it. 
  4. Guillermo Rigondeaux: Lots and lots of people don't like the guy. Fair enough. No one in his general weight realm can beat him, though, with the possible exception of Vasyl Lomachenko. Don't think this guy's all that? Ask Frampton and Santa Cruz why they're probably fighting each other instead of him?  
  5. Gennady Golovkin: Extreme power and the mind of a chess master. There's a reason Oscar and Canelo want things to "marinate." Face it, you wouldn't want to fight the guy, either. 
  6. Roman Gonzalez: Speed. Power. Heart. Excitement. A pleasant personality. If there's something not to like about this guy, I want to know what it is. Indeed, this is one individual who may actually put smaller fighters in the spotlight. 
  7. Timothy Bradley: Even if he loses again to Manny, this guy should be on his way to the Hall of Fame. A warrior who's taken on all comers and has only lost to the PacMan. This guy's the real thing - the great under-rated fighter of our era.
  8. Keith Thurman: Yeah, Keith's still on my list. He's on shaky ground, though. It's been a while and his eagerness to become great seems to perhaps be tamped down a bit. We'll see how he does against Mr. Thurman in June.
  9. Bud Crawford: Yup - I've become a believer. This guy's the real thing. Will he rise to the top of the post Manny-Floyd era at 135-147? Time will tell. I wouldn't bet against the Nebraska native, though.  
  10. Wladimir Klitshcko: Yeah, he looked terrible against Fury. I'm going to chalk that up to a bad performance, though. He may not be the all time great we thought he was, but he's still earned a place on this list. Gotta win that rematch, though.
  11. Vasyl Lomachenko: Incredibly smooth. Unbelievably skilled. Intensely confident. And yet...I'm not entirely sold on the guy. The potential is there. He needs to prove himself against a top opponent, though. Not that he isn't willing to. The warrior spirit counts for something in these parts. 

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