Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bring On Lomachenko-Walters

Look me in the eye and tell me this wouldn't be a great matchup.

It's time for Lomachenko-Walters. You know it and so do I. Bob Arum says he's trying to make the fight, so let's hope it happens. Publicly if we have to. Social media is a powerful outlet for we little people. Good fights need to be made and these guys seem to be willing to face off. So, while Frampton and Santa Cruz wonder if it's worth risking their precious zeros to face each other, let's have a chance to sit down and watch some real competitors.

I was watching both Walters and Loma in action again last night and was intrigued. Lomachenko is indeed a skilled and masterful fighter. Indeed, he's a wonder to watch work. The man's footwork, speed and timing are impeccable. Walters, though, Walters has power. serious, fight ending power. We saw what a wildly and unfairly pumped up Salido did to Lomachenko - imagine what a legit strong man can do to the Ukranian.

What's more, Walters is sparing with his energy and knows how to cut off the ring. Don't expect him to chase Loma around  in hopeless pursuit. Oh and Walters has an impressive skill set of his own. Maybe it isn't as sharp and awe inspiring as Loma's is, but it's damn good. That's something worth remembering.

In the end, of course, the odds will favor Loma, should the two men actually meet. That's understandable, but on a personal level I'm not so sure. Again, timing and strength can sap a fighter. Could Walters be the man to legitimately best Loma (the Salido fight was crap)? Or will Loma show just how much better he is than the rest of the competition?

Either way, it's time to find out.

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