Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why Focus On Broner When There's Bradley?

Some things are just worth asking

A lot of people have taken to Twitter today to knock Adrien Broner for not making weight for a fight - and for subsequently losing a title belt on the scales - yet again. There are others, though, who have taken to the internet to inform the world that enough is enough when it comes to Broner, that he's worn out his welcome in the fight world.

The truth is I don't know what's wrong with Broner, but a lack of sportsmanship is a lack of sportsmanship. And not making weight repeatedly is, obviously,  indicative of chronic irresponsibility. So, even with all the outside the ring behavior, even with all the gloating and arrogance, it may be time to move on past Broner simply because he doesn't take his fighting career seriously enough.

Indeed, it's really hard to care about Broner when someone like Tim Bradley brings it over and over and over again. A family man, a hard worker and an individual who's eager to always improve his craft, Bradley is certainly a man worthy of attention - whether he beats Manny Pacquiao in their third match or not.

In fact, it may be worth wondering why Broner gets so much attention while the far more accomplished Bradley generally has spent his career under the radar. Sure, he's well known, but Bradley's just not the media magnet Broner is. Is showmanship that important? Is having a terrific resume simply not enough?

Sadly, at this point it's pretty clear what the answer is.

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