Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why I'm Not Sold On Luis Ortiz - Yet

Hard to impress?

Make no mistake about it. Luis Ortiz is a solid, and destructive heavyweight. I dunno, though, there's something about the guy that gives me pause - something that makes me reluctant to jump on the bandwagon which currently sings his praises. The skill is there. So, obviously, is the strength. Something seems to be missing, though. Perhaps it's just me.

Then again...

Take last week's bout against Tony Thompson. There were moments there halfway through the fight where Ortiz did - nothing. There Thompson was, actually mocking the guy, and Ortiz was simply inert. Was he even moving his feet? Look, it's clear Ortiz had nothing to worry about. It's also clear that a guy in his late thirties doesn't want to exert too much energy in the ring. Still, I couldn't picture any heavyweight of note just letting time pass like Ortiz did at that moment.

And while I'm sure greater minds than my own would be happy to tell me I have it all wrong, that Ortiz was masterful and doing what anyone who really knows anything about boxing would expect of him, I'm no so sure that's true. None of this is to say that I might not be in error here. It's just that I'm not entirely convinced this is a man who can best the likes of Fury, or Wilder (though I could see his style possibly giving Klitschko problems).

One thing is certain, Ortiz is worthy of attention. Whether or not he's worthy of high accolades, however,  remains to be see. Maybe I'm simply being too critical. Perhaps growing up in the 70s and 80s before savoring the 90s heavyweight scene has spoiled me.

Then again...

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