Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why De La Hoya Isn't Eager To See Canelo Fight GGG

It's the fight everyone wants to see. No, I'm not talking Canelo-Mayweather II. Oh, there's no doubt a rematch between Floyd and Saul would prove interesting to a whole ton of people, but that one smacks of old news. The fight fans want, really want - almost universally - is Canelo-GGG. Now that Canelo is the middleweight champ, after all, it only stands to reason that he would wish to face the biggest threat out there: Mr. Gennady Golovkin. And indeed, Canelo seems rather eager for such a fight to occur, especially after his impressive performance this past weekend against Miguel Cotto on Saturday night in Vegas.

Canelo's promoter, however, doesn't seem so eager to make the match everyone wants, despite his declarations of being a fan friendly fight maker. No, Oscar De La Hoya doesn't seem to be chomping at the bit for Canelo-GGG, that's for sure. While admitting the fight is essentially a possibility to the media, De La Hoya added on Saturday that other options were in play for Canelo to take. In other words - not so fast, everyone. No need to rush here.

Well, why not? Canelo is the champ and GGG is clearly the biggest threat to his reign. What's the big deal? Well, the big deal is that Oscar is a businessman and Canelo is big business for his Golden Boy Promotions. And, as a businessman, Oscar sees what a dangerous opponent Golovkin is. The last thing a promoter wants, after all, is to see his top moneymaker get beat down in front of millions...and there's a good chance that may happen if Cotto meets GGG any time soon.

Let's be honest here, GGG may be a unique talent. That's something that isn't lost on De La Hoya, who wants to get as much oomph out of his red headed protege as possible. It'seasys to comprehend, then, why Oscar would want to delay a fight with GGG. That doesn't mean fans can't call "BS" on Oscar, though.

Boxing may be a business, but it's primarily a sport. And it should be treated like one.

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