Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rigondeuax Dominates In Return

Guillermo Rigondeaux returned to the ring tonight after almost a year away, appearing on the undercard of the Canelo-Cotto superfight. Dominant as always, the Cuban slickster clearly hadn't missed a beat, dominating a severely overmatched Drian Francisco over the course of ten rounds, and earning himself an easy unanimous decision in the process.

The crowd booed, Twitter griped and the HBO broadcast team which covered the event let it disapproval be known. If you've ever seen a Rigo fight before, you know what this one was all about: defense, pot shots and little more. Some fans, okay, MOST fans probably hate it, but it's hard to deny Rigo is good at what he does.

He could be more exciting, of course. He could start putting his punches together and getting his opponents out of there more often than he does. Rigo won't do those things, however, because it's just not him. Remember, this is a guy who was weaned in Castro's Cuba. That meant he did as he was told. As. He. Was. Told.

Clearly, he was not told to be exciting. And that's a bit too bad. This man is good, after all. Very good indeed.

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