Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rodriguez Stops Aquino

Undefeated bantamweight Emmanuel Rodriguez looked sharp early against Eliecer Aquino in a rain drenched Miami on Wednesday night. The fight, which went down in front of a nearly empty Hialeah Park Race Track, started off fast paced and high on action, but Rodriguez looked to be the stronger man. Indeed, he dropped Aquino to the mat in the third.

While Aquino was able to get to his feet and sometimes land effectively, his punches didn't have the power to harm his foe. Make no mistake about it - Aquino was brave and game, but at the end of four it was clear Rodriguez was giving the guy a beat down. It appeared to be only a matter of time before the night would end early for Aquino.

After five it was worth noting that Aquino was still fighting bravely, but that was roughly all that was notable - save the fact that the fighter seemed to be tiring a bit. As the middle part of the fight began to wear on, however, Rodriguez appeared to tire a bit himself. He was still in charge, granted, but he was beginning to look less energetic than he had earlier on in the fight.

By the seventh, Aquino got his mouth piece knocked out for the third time in the bout, causing Aquino to lose a point. Not that it mattered. The referee was kind enough to Aquino to stop the thrashing in the seventh.

Rodriguez moved on to a record of 14-0.

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