Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lara Crushes An Out-Of-His-League Zaveck

No one gave Jan Zaveck much of a chance of beating Erislandy Lara Wednesday night as the two men had a pre-Thanksgiving throwdown on EPSN primetime. Still, Lara completely mopped the figurative floor with his severely overmatched foe. While people who don't care for Lara - and they are legion - will complain the fight was a farce (they certainly could have found a better opponent), there is little doubt that Lara looked excellent.

For the man hit hard and crisp, maneuvered well and looked about as sharp as a 154 lb fighter could. Truth be told, Lara looked a lot different than his former countryman, Guillermo Rigondeaux has recently. For Lara was out for blood straight from the opening bell. Some will argue Lara picks and chooses who to be aggressive against, but so did Leonard - and Hearns, for that matter.

Word is out that Lara will now move up to middleweight. Since I think he already bested Canelo, it's pretty obvious I think he could be the biggest threat to that division this side of Gennady Golovkin. Will the two men ever meet, however? It's hard to say, since Lara is a Haymon man and Haymon doesn't seem overly comfortable letting his fighters leave his stable (GGG is not with Al).

Time, however, will tell. Now it's time for Lara to start facing top competition again...if, of course, top competition is willing to face him.

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