Saturday, November 21, 2015

Takashi Miura Stopped By Francisco Vargas In Thriller

Francisco Vargas got a hard hello from Taskashi Miura on the undercard of Cotto-Canelo on Saturday night in Vegas. For, before the fourth round was over, Vargas was on the mat and noticeably bleeding. The undefeated super featherweight got back to his feet, however, and resumed fighting in the fifth. Still, it was an exciting throwdown that involved two fighters giving it their all, which made for a refreshing change after the boring Guillermo Rigondeaux bout which preceded it.

Vargas proceeded to keep himself very much alive afterward -but Miura rallied hard at the end of the eight. Yet then in the ninth, Vargas came back viciously - sending Miura to the mat with such force that it looked like the fight was over.

And indeed it was. Miura was indeed a brave and formidable foe who got to his feet gamely...but he ended up simply taking too much punishment.The fight was stopped in the 9th.

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