Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Postol Might Beat Matthysse

Note that I state in the title of this piece that Viktor Postol "might" beat Lucas Matthysse. There's no guarantee with this one, but people are right to give Postol a real chance here. Matthysse is one of my favorite fighters out there to watch simply because I love his hard hitting - and, yeah, skilled - style of fighting. Postol, however, is no joke. Danny Garcia moved on to greener pastures rather than face Postol for good reason.

For Postol is active in the ring. Really active. And strong. And, at times, dirty. He's also faster than Matthysse. All these things may ultimately help tip the scales in favor of Postol when he faces Matthysse on Saturday night at the StubHub Center. Truth be told, though, the match might come down to one thing and one thing only:


If Matthysse proves to be the stronger fighter, the fight may well become a one sided affair, for he'll possibly be able to go right through Postol's rapidfire straight punches. If, however, Postol is able to bull Matthysse around, he just might carry the night. For if Matthysse can't break Postol's style, he's cannon fodder for the man's very active fists.

In a sense, Postol reminds me of a slightly more talented and powerful Chris Algieri. He's tall, hyper-energetic and has endurance. What's more, he has an excellent, movement-oriented defense that can frustrate an opponent. He also has knockout power, something Matthysse may want to keep in mind.

This may well end up being quite the high end affair.

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