Friday, September 11, 2015

Adonis Stevenson Calls Out Kovalev

So Adonis Stevenson bested Tommy Karpency via a vicious third round stoppage on Friday night - a fact which surprised absolutely no one. What he did afterwards, however, is worth mentioning. For Stevenson, who I remember being vague years ago when asked about facing Sergey Kovalev, actually called the man out in front of PBC cameras. Was Stevenson serious? Did he honestly, truly want a fight with Kovalev...or was he just posing?

Honestly, I'm going to take Stevenson at his word. If he makes this fight with Kovalev, then all is forgiven with Superman as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, these past several opponents of Stevenson leave a bad taste in the mouth, but that taste will go away if Adonis and Sergey finally find a way to get it on. As for Stevenson's criminal past, he did the time and is reportedly remorseful for his truly heinous crimes.

Besides, as bad Stevenson's sins were, we have to remember there are no scarlet letters in western society anymore. What he did was evil - but people can change. And if Stevenson says he's a new man, it's only fair to take him at his word if the evidence backs up the claim.

Now, provided both Adonis and Sergey truly want to fight, exactly how difficult will it be for the bout to come together? Not very difficult at all, I think, if a certain Mr. Al Haymon decides it's a fight worth making. If GGG-Lemieux can be on pay per view, so can Kovalev-Stevenson. Slap on a sensible price tag, put it on up in Canada, New York or even Connecticut and watch the fan base salivate.

What people really want to know, however, is who is the better fighter of the two. Right now I have to give the edge to Kovalev, but Stevenson is no joke. He looked lean and mean on Friday night. His competition may not have been the best, but Stevenson still showed that incredible power. Let's just admit it's a fight we'd all love to see...and let's hope it actually happens this time around.

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