Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boxing's Top Eleven Pound For Pound Fighters

Many sites offer you a top ten pound for pound list. I'd like to offer you a top eleven list - just cuz. It's something I do periodically, and now that Floyd has supposedly retired, I figure now is as good a time as any. You may disagree with some or all of the guys on this list. Cool. Feel free to disagree in the comment's section. Dissent is welcome here.

So, with no further ado, here they are - boxing's top eleven:

  1. Sergey Kovalev - Surprised? Here's the truth. Now that Floyd is gone, someone who has shown an enormous amount of skill and accomplishment needs to sit atop the heap. And we know Kovalev has shown both. You don't beat the masterful Bernard Hopkins and the gutsy Jean Pascal without being an A-level fighter. 
  2. Manny Pacquiao - I know, I know, he's a washed up has-been who would be better off just retiring at this point. Only he's hasn't proven to be any of those things. The way things look from here, he's still a ring wizard who had a bad night against Mayweather. Two bad nights may lead to a significant drop in the rankings. But one? To the likes of Mayweather, no less? Ain't happening.
  3.  Roman Gonzalez - I don't have him as highly ranked as some do at the moment, but - believe me - that's no knock on the guy. This is a small fighter who gives the smaller weights some well deserved attention. Unquestionably, the guy is one of the best out there. And yeah, he certainly may well find himself on top of this list before all is said and done.
  4. Wladimir Klitschko - The man has ruled over the heavyweight division forever. And he's taken on all comers. Oh, and he's proven that enormous guys can be true ring tacticians. Why wouldn't the man rank this high up?
  5. Guillermo Rigondeaux - No one wants to fight him and tons of people say he's boring. Why? Because he's so good. If that's not a sign of a great fighter, I truly don't know what is.
  6. Gennady Golovkin - Sheer destruction. More than just a hitting machine (and man, the guy can hit), Golovkin has made himself the terror of the middleweight division by having skill to match his power. Watch the way the man cuts off the ring before accusing him of being nothing more than a hard puncher. The guy is the complete package.
  7. Timothy Bradley - Worked his way to the top the hard way. One of the best tacticians in the business. If only he can keep himself from brawling so much.
  8. Terrence Crawford -Here's a guy who has shown a willingness to meet top opposition, and an ability to take down top opposition. Fighters like Danny Garcia and Adonis Stevenson should take note. A close a bet as one can find for the future of boxing. There's big things down the road for the man if things keep going well.
  9. Miguel Cotto - Like Manny, he's seen has being past his prime. Unlike Manny, he's being picked by many to lose his next bout. That may end up being the case, but for now the supremely skilled Puerto Rican icon fits comfortably on this list for his energy, heart and, yup victories.
  10. Erislandy Lara- Many don't like the guy. But that simply doesn't matter. He's good. Really good. So good I felt he beat the very good Canelo Alvarez. He may not be on the masterful level of a Mayweather, but man, this slickster is awfully impressive.
  11. Keith Thurman - If anyone on this list warrants a question mark, it's the guy they call One Time. Still, the man hasn't lost yet against solid competition and his ability in the ring has been undeniable. In fact, I rank him higher than most of his peers, like Kell Brook, Danny Garcia and many others. Shawn Porter may present a problem, but we'll have to wait and see.

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