Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why I'm Looking Forward To Fury-Klitschko II

So, while some are worked up for Canelo-Khan this weekend, my interest is also piqued for the heavyweight title bout later this summer between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko. Sure, the first go round between these two was something of a bore, but Fury still managed to shock the world by taking Klitschko's crown.

And all the Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder talk in the world can't change all that.

Look, I like both Joshua and Wilder, but the truth is that Fury is the man at heavyweight by virtue of beating an aging Klitschko. And now we're going to find out if Fury is more than a novelty at the top of the heavyweight heap. He's gained a lot of weight since beating Klitschko, Fury has, and he often seems like something of a tortured soul. Like it or not, such things can impact the rematch.

As can Klitschko's mindset. Frankly, Fury got in his head he first time around. If Klitschko can enter the ring this time unfazed, things might well turn out different. Everyone talks as if this is the post-Klitschko era when the truth is, we really don't know.

Perhaps that's one of the reason's why this fight is of great interest to me - because it's relevant. And honestly, the same will never be said of Canelo-Khan unless Khan surprises a lot of people. As a fan of boxing, I like there to be meaning to the fights. Say what you will, but Fury-Klitschko II is about as meaningful as it gets.

Bring it on.

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