Monday, May 2, 2016

Does Boxing Need A Floyd Mayweather Comeback?

Believe it or not, it was a full year ago that Floyd Mayweather got it on with Manny Pacquiao for the most hyped and lucrative fight in history. Since then, both men have fought once and have subsequently declared themselves retired. Floyd, however, is hinting at a comeback. I myself wanted him to stay retired - and no, I'm no Floyd hater - but that may not be the case.

So, will a Mayweather return be good or bad for boxing? Frankly, it may depend on two things. First, will Mayweather get a lot of people to watch him fight? I was honestly a bit surprised by the lack of buzz that went with Floyd's Saturday interview during Showtimes' fight card. For it was then that he teased the world with the serious possibility of his returning to the ring - against Danny Garcia, no less.

Perhaps that was the problem. Perhaps people don't want to see him fight Danny. Or do they? The truth is, the Philly native has his fans. Either way, Floyd's next opponent will have to be someone who draws in the viewers if the fight is to be good for the sport. Then, of course, comes the second matter.

In order for a Floyd return to really help boxing, it might have to be - wait for it - exciting. And I'm not talking about the pre-fight hype, either. Seriously. People are simply not going to pull their hair out solely over another masterful display of defense - and make no mistake about it, the man is masterful. Nope, Floyd's comeback will have to showcase the excitement of Mayweather-Maidana I, at least, in order to give the sport the jolt it needs.

Could that possibly happen, though?

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