Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Can Fury Do It Twice?

Tyson Fury is a wild man. An offensive, perhaps crazy, wild man. He's interesting, though. I feel there may be some decency there, too. Being flawed isn't the same as being evil, after all.  When it comes to boxing, however, there's only one thing that matters - can the dude fight? I say yes, despite what the critics and others analysts may believe.

Indeed, the man is fast for a near giant. What's more, he's got an effective skill set. Lastly, and yes, this is important - he has the ability to get in people's heads. At least he has the ability to get in Wladimir Klitchko's head. That, more than anything, I believe, led to Klitschko losing his heavyweight crown last November.

A lot has changed since that time, though. Fury got fat, for starters. He also showed a marked disinterest in boxing. Now, that may just be Fury's way. Perhaps he's one of those people who simply has "down moments." Actions are what ultimately tell the tale, after all, and if the Englishman shows up primed and mentally sharp for his rematch with Klitschko, then there's obviously enough interest there for him to continue on in the sport.

If he can't summon the will to train hard enough to win, though, if he can't enact the discipline needed to show up in the ring this July both in shape and determined (provided it's not already too late), his reign as heavyweight king may well prove to be a brief one. That's if Klitschko is able to psychologically deal with Fury's bullying, that is. Indeed, the results this summer may have as much to do with the Ukrainian's frame of mind as they do with Fury's.

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