Sunday, December 27, 2015

What If Gennady Golovkin Continues To Be Avoided in 2016?

Golovkin simply can't let opportunities walk away.

I know, I know, Gennady Golovkin is supposed to fight Canelo Alvarez in a middleweight superfight next year. But what if that fight never happens? As far as I know, no contract has been signed. What's more, if Oscar De La Hoya was so eager for his fighter Canelo to fight GGG, wouldn't he be openly chomping at the bit, rather than going on about letting the fight "marinate?"

So no, I'm not entirely sure Golovkin will meet Canelo next year. I'm also not entirely sure the WBC will take the middleweight strap away from Canelo as many expect it to do if he avoids fighting GGG. This is boxing, folks, and it's a nasty business indeed. Canelo is popular and lucrative, and those two things are, sadly, more important than talent and skill in the current fight game.

To make matters worse, fighters like Billy Joe Saunders and Daniel Jacobs have made it clear that GGG is just too good for them to face unless a ridiculous amount of money is thrown their way, Golovkin is on quite a run, but in a lot of ways, it sucks to be GGG right now. For he's fighting during a time when boxing's new breed of fan dictates how business is run. And the new breed wants its favorite fighters to beat up on less threatening fighters than GGG for as much money as can possibly be sponged.

What, then, will GGG do if the other big names at middleweight continue to avoid him? I've got no ready answers, but he may well want to start calling people out publicly. Very publicly. Chase these guys around, remind those fans who aren't part of the new breed just how less than sportsmanlike these fighters are over and over again. In other words, let the world see things for what they are.

Golovkin is, in public at least, a gentleman. He should remain that way. A gentleman, however, can still be outspoken and bold.

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