Thursday, December 31, 2015

Racism In Boxing - Is Floyd Mayweather Right Or Wrong About It?

Some things are worth pondering over.

Okay, so Floyd Mayweather has spoken out about there being racism in boxing. He's taking heat for this, but his comments are worth contemplating - even in this day and age, where insane political correctness seems to hold society in a stranglehold.

First and foremost, there is no institutional mainstream racism to speak of within the sport. The Jack Johnson era is clearly over. Still, Mayweather argues that the lack of recognition given to Andre Ward is indicative of  prejudice. It's hard to agree with Floyd on this, either, however, since Ward, frankly, doesn't fight much.

Furthermore, fighters like Manny Pacquiao, along with Mike Tyson and Ray Leonard before him, have proven to be wildly popular. Needless to say, none of those men are white, Central American, or South American. So...does Floyd's argument hold any truth to it at all? It actually might, when it extends outside of boxing. For Floyd speaks of a double standard which pertains to combat sports as a whole.

Here's the truth - the media love and adulation given to UFC star Ronda Rousey before her defeat to Holly Holm literally had me wondering this past summer if she was the newest incarnation of the great white hope. Ask yourself this - would Rousey have been as beloved by the cocktail party media set if she were from Mexico?

What's more, current UFC bad boy/bad ass Connor McGregor - a white guy - is indeed applauded these days for being obnoxious...I saw and heard jocular accolades for his behavior myself just the other day on a popular podcast. So, yeah, Floyd may have a point - when it pertains to particular mixed martial artists. Let's be honest, though, MMA isn't boxing. And the racial favoritism Floyd speaks of comes - if it indeed exists - largely from the media and not from MMA combatants or MMA fans. Floyd is a lot more wealthy and well known than McGregor is, frankly.

What's more, Floyd willfully made himself into a villain for public consumption...that's something he should ponder. Lastly, McGregor and Rousey have thrilling styles whereas Floyd (and Ward) are essentially technicians.

This isn't to say Floyd might not have a point (at least when it comes to the media), it just means the whole thing has to be viewed objectively. The bottom line is this, prejudice still exists in society. And, yeah, that's something worth noting. Still, it pays to be specific and to not paint with too broad a brush when making serious accusations.

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