Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So...Can Bradley Win?

Some may actually watch this match intently

Okay, so most aren't that happy about Manny Pacquiao - supposedly - wrapping up his career by facing Timothy Bradley for a third time. The first two bouts, as everyone knows, weren't exactly of the Hagler-Hearns variety. Still, we're getting the fight, like it or not, so we may as well ask the only question truly worth asking at this point:

Can Timothy Bradley pull it off this time?

If you ask most fight fans, they'll tell you Bradley clearly lost the first two bouts with Pacquiao - even though he was given the insanely controversial decision nod the first time around. Indeed, the consensus is pretty much that the Pacquiao-Bradley saga is essentially finished business at this point in time.

With that in mind, though, there is a bit of spice that has been recently thrown into the mix. Frankly,it doesn't make this third go round Pay Per View worthy, but it makes the match itself somewhat interesting, nonetheless. For Bradley is now with Teddy Atlas and - yeah - he seems rejuvenated.

Granted, the Atlas-Bradley pairing has only seen itself through one fight - and that was against a far from his best Brandon Rios - but, let's face facts here, Bradley looked terrific. Sharp, smart and dominant, it was a stellar performance from the guy known as Desert Storm. If he looks that good against Pacquiao, will things suddenly turn interesting?

That may well depend on Manny himself. The guy won't have been in the ring for close to a year when he meets Bradley in April. He'll also have recently gotten surgery on his shoulder. And let's not forget his age. Manny is no kid. Lastly, there's the sense that - even if it isn't his last fight - Pacquiao's career has clearly seen it's zenith.

So yes, Bradley certainly has a good chance of winning in April. If only the fight weren't on Pay Per View, it might actually make for must see viewing.

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