Friday, October 11, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Be Like Eddie Vedder

Like so many of our great rockers, the World's Greatest Cat is all about the long hair.

According to the Huffington Post, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently gave an interview to a surfer. In said interview, Vedder, who's rabidly pro gun control, claimed he's close to hoping harm will befall those who disagree with him on the hot button issue.

Oh, and he also declared that he himself might be dangerous with a gun (if he didn't have his music, of course).

You might conclude that Vedder is crazy. Or stupid. Or both. He may indeed be those things, but I think the guy just needs to grow up.

Seriously Eddie, you're not a kid anymore. Your hipster card was revoked once your core fan base started turning gray. It's time to think before you speak in public and spew your idiocies in private like the rest of us.

Vedder is a perfect example of how you shouldn't act. His band may be good. He also has a right to his opinions. No one is going to take those opinions seriously, however, so long as he comes across like a petulant man-child.

Look at it this way: no gun control activist worth his or her weight in salt is going to want to align with Vedder's words in that interview. Not one. They're an embarrassment. And so is he.

Don't be like Eddie Vedder. Think before you deliver your heartfelt opinions on weighty matters. Remember, you want to convince people you're right, not convince them you're a joke.

Rock on.

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