Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Things To Be Offended By!

Fun activity: try picking out all the offensive things in this picture!

Surfing the net today (does anyone still use the term "surfing the net?), I came across an article at Madame Noire titled 14 Nice Things Men Do That Are Lowkey Creepy. That's right, women of America, there are now 14 more things for you to potentially be offended by, including having lunch dropped off at your workplace.

Not to worry guys, there's plenty of more stuff out there for you to be offended by, too. In fact, there's plenty for everyone to be offended by. So, in keeping with my theory that we've become a nation of nutcases, lets investigate!

Offended yet? If not, why not? Because you've got more important things to do? Because you only wish to be offended when a particular situation warrants your being offended? If so, then you're clearly not joining in the craze that's sweeping America. Of course, that might be a good thing...

...if it weren't so offensive. 

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