Sunday, September 1, 2013

Are You Anti-Tebow?

Some people are just bitter because they don't have really cool things.

Are you anti-Tebow?

Do you find yourself happy to have learned that poor Tim was cut from the New England Patriots? Do you hope to never see his smiling face again...ever? If so, you need to look over the list below. Perhaps you're justified in your Tebow aversion. Then again, perhaps not. You be the judge.

Some very possible reasons for being anti-Tebow:

  • You're a serious sports fan who feels the guy just isn't that great. This is a perfectly legitimate reason for feeling as you do. You're not really anti-Tebow so much as you're pro-legitimate sports star. If a football player gets as famous as Tebow has, you feel the guy has to have earned it. And, let's face it, Tebow hasn't proven himself to be on the same level as a Tom Brady, or a Troy Aikman, or a Joe Montana, or a Terry Bradshaw, or a Joe Namath, or a... 

  • You simply aren't the type of person who falls for hype. Again, this has less to do with Tebow than it does with the way you see the world. Tebow is wildly popular among a segment of the population and that in and of itself raises your ire. If you're someone who avoids Star Wars movies and Bob Dylan songs simply because slavish fandom rubs you the wrong way, you're probably never going to be a fan of Mr. Tebow, no matter what he accomplishes on the field. 

  • You don't like Christians. This, sadly, pretty much makes you an idiot.   

  • You're shallow and go along with the crowd. Public opinion has largely turned against Tebow, so now you too feel the need to proclaim that you "just can't stand the guy." It's okay. You're just one of those individuals who follows the majority. It's a scary world out there, after all, and survival is priority one. 
          Seriously, though, you've got to grow up. Everyone sees through you.

  •  You enjoy watching famous people fall from on high. It's understandable to feel this way, but it's kind of pathetic, nonetheless. Chances are you don't know any of the famous people you delight in seeing "humbled." What's more, if you did know them, there's a chance you might actually like them. Jealousy really is the most embarrassing of emotions.

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