Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Day, Another Genius Emerges

It's true - the world's greatest cat has more common sense than some writers out there.

Another day, another genius emerges from the woodwork. One Meghan Laslocky has appeared on CNNs website to argue that we should all pretty much stop thinking that monogamy is a good thing. Seriously. You can check out her piece right here.

Her arguments are fairly simple:

  1. Humans - who are living to older and older ages these days - need variety!
  2. Animals run around having sex with each other, so why shouldn't we?
I'm afraid her second argument isn't a joke. She actually points to the sex lives of various critters in order to show us the validity of her argument.

Here's what's really scary: although Ms. Laslocky's viewpoints might seem laughable at the moment, they're apt to pick up steam in our society over time. People love, love, LOVE it when some "trusted" source tells them it's okay to be less responsible. It's only natural to sigh and smile when someone tells you to take it easy, after all.

Problem is, there's some things out there one simply shouldn't be lax about. And monogamy is one of them. While it's true many relationships don't work, a successful relationship should always be the goal of both partners. Don't believe me? Ask the children of those bright individuals who have decided to leave monogamy behind in order to be "free," like the creatures in the forest.

Life isn't all about the self. Our decisions affect others.

Unless, of course, your name is Meghan Laslocky. Then, apparently, anything goes.  

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  1. This attitude is prevalent among many of my friends. In fact, it was my attitude for a few years and it almost cost me my marriage to a man who truly loves and cares for me. I'm not an animal, I'm a human being, and I don't care to run around acting like a dog in heat. Also very true what you said about "trusted sources." I'm learning to be my own source of information these days. I guess that's the forgotten concept of "thinking for yourself?"