Monday, April 22, 2013

What We Learned From The Events Of Last Week

You're never really out of school.

Last week America demonstrated how it's possible to pull a triumph out of the wreckage of a tragedy. Terrorists took lives and limbs, but they couldn't take Boston. Here's some lessons to be learned from the chaos:

America Rocks. Such plain spoken patriotism may cause you to roll your eyes. If that's the case then go ahead and roll 'em. This nation was hit by child killing monsters, yet it didn't panic, it didn't target entire groups of people, it didn't riot in the streets and it didn't quiver in the face of the diabolical. Instead America put its culture war aside, prayed, kept on alert, stayed glued to the television and relentlessly pursued those responsible until the bad guys were either dead or in custody. Go U.S.A.

Don't Mess With American Law Enforcement.  Imagine what it's like having to face someone with vast weaponry, no sign of a conscience and a desire to indiscriminately kill. Now imagine such a person having you in his sights. Police in Watertown, Massachusetts don't have to imagine it. They lived through it...and they emerged victorious. Sure, there's some bad apples in the bunch, but last week the American law enforcement community showed the world what heroism really is.

The Real Stars Don't Get To Take A Bow. It's understandable why so many big shots stood in front of the international media Friday night in order to do a victory lap. The terrorists were caught, after all. Victory was theirs. Yet they weren't the ones shooting it out with two heavily armed terrorists around twenty hours earlier. Something to keep in mind.

Evil Does Exist When you intentionally kill innocent people, you're not being driven by personal experience, politics or religion. You're being driven by evil. Some people may argue that evil doesn't exist, but giving evil another name doesn't change its definition.

Some People Will Never Get It. Guess what? Americans are well aware of the fact that not all Muslims are terrorists. Try telling that to certain politicians and media figures, though. Sadly, there's just no convincing some people that Americans aren't completely stupid.

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