Monday, January 7, 2013

Good News

Last year was tough. There's just no two ways about it. Could've been worse, sure, but man, it wasn't easy. I hope for this year to be better, but you never know. Still, I'm an optimist and shall remain one. I've got good reason to be optimistic right now, too. One of the top five management companies in Hollywood has asked to read my script, Hastings. It's big news.

None of this means I've hit the big time, however. They may think the script is garbage, after all. Worse yet, they may decide to never read my stuff again based on this single piece of writing. On the other hand they may love it. That won't guarantee a sale, but it will mean I'm that much closer. It will give my name some heat, as they say in the industry.

Either way, the news makes for a good day. Hearing from a top company tells you you're good enough to be in the game. That's important. It's all in God's Hands now, though. I'll just keep on writing.

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